Garden Gundog Training: Foundation Course

Interested in gundog training? Not sure where to start? Garden Gundog Training is the perfect place to start with all the exercises designed to be started at home and in the garden. The course is suitable for puppies, dogs, new owners interested in gundog training or new owners interested in a positive approach to gundog training. The course is also suitable for non-gundog breeds as the exercises focus on the concepts of recall, heelwork, rewards plus more which will make your walks more enjoyable.

This foundation course will kick off your training journey. Learn the important fundamentals and base behaviours you will need. Each week new units will open for you to work through over a 5-week period to work through. There is no expiry date on the course so you can work through the content at your own pace. Learn the important fundamentals and base behaviours you will need to implement and progress your training. 

Through the power of positive reinforcement and clicker (marker) training you will learn how to obtain base behaviours and shape these behaviours.

Teach your dog these basic skills starting at home in your own time opened up over 8-modules:

  • Targeting
  • Focusing on the owner
  • Whistle cues
  • Positions
  • Stays
  • Settle
  • Heelwork
  • Release cue
  • Distance work
  • Directions
  • Retrieve’s

Plus more!

Prerequisites: None, everything you need is covered in this foundation course

8 Modules

Fundamental Information

Fundamental information for your training journey, basic exercises plus essential equipment and substitutions if you are just dipping your toe.

Targeting Foundations

Targeting is a great way to achieve some basic behaviours which can be shaped into more advanced behaviours. Targets provide the dog with a focus and when paired successfully with rewards help to keep the dog on task.

Whistle Recall & Focus Foundations

Automatic focus from the dog onto the owner and recall whistle are important foundation exercises for gundog training. This module introduces you to the concepts of how to teach these exercises.

Position Foundations

Following on from some basic exercises covered in fundamentals you will progress these exercises plus learn an important whistle exercise needed for gundog training.

Control Foundations

An important part of gundog training is implementing control, which becomes even more important when the dog is working at a distance. This module introduces you to the foundations of control and distance work in which to build upon

Distance Work Foundations

Gundogs need to learn to work at a distance as it is very likely you will need them to carry out an exercise or redirect them to a different area to find a retrieve item. This module will introduce you to the starting points that you will need for distance work and redirection.

Retrieve Foundations

Retrieving is a combination of skills bought together to form a behaviour chain. If the chain elements are separated out and individually trained you will achieve a stronger finished behaviour. This module will provide you with the basic tools you need to begin building your retrieve.

Recap & Progression

This module gives a brief recap of Garden Gundog Foundations and provides some information on the next steps.

Modules for this product 8
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